Saturday, February 21, 2009

Other Literary Musings

On the sidebar of our site we have a section called "Other Literary Musings". This links to other blogs that have some pretty cool stuff relating to the world of books in all aspects, and some of them may be unfamiliar, so I thought I would give each a quick rundown. Careful, there's going to be a lot of links:

The first two blogs, Janet Reid and Nathan Bransford, are both written by literary agents. Ms. Reid talks about what it's like to be an agent, things that interest her in the literary world and how to get yourself an agent if writing is your thing. Equally interesting is Mr. Bransford's blog, which often features news from the publishing world and awesome, writing-related conversations.

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist is a (hugo nominated) online fanzine for the speculative fiction genre. He often has really cool contests for new books, reviews, and everything cool related to the field. 

Ryan Holiday's own description of himself: 

I'm 21. I run five days a week. I am constantly reading. I think Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is the greatest book ever written. I've always believed that if you don't define yourself, other people will gladly do it for you--this blog is my attempt at that. I live in Los Angeles while trying to spend as little time there as possible. This is my rebellious puppy, Hanno.

Ryan reads a lot and writes quite a bit about philosophy and other interesting things. He's very smart, and I can't recommend his blog highly enough. 

Finally, there's the Harper Studios blog, which is the blog of Harper Collins. They often talk about publishing in a new, digital medium and link to news in the literary world. A good all around site.

Are there any sites you regularly visit to sate your literary thirst? Throw them up in the comments!

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