Saturday, April 11, 2009

We're Open! (Again!)

Okay, so we've been too busy to post for a while. But in the interim, we have successfully moved our store. We packed in just two days, and moved into the new space a day early to stay ahead of last weekend's snowstorm. For the last week, we've been unpacking, placing books, changing our minds, moving books, and generally generating chaos. But it worked! We might not have all our book section signs in place yet, but we are open and ready for business. A huge thanks to the volunteers who came in and alphabetized until their eyes crossed- we could not have done it without them.

I don't have pictures ready to post yet, which just means that you'll have to come and see for yourself just how beautiful the new space is. We have high ceilings in the front room, exposed brick walls, and three rooms that seem to keep on going and going. Customers keep asking if we have more books, which we don't, because the space feels so much bigger. We do have 400 square feet more of space, some of which will be used for book club meetings, author signings, and other events. There is a back entrance and a loading and unloading parking space in back which you can use if you have a lot of books to take to the trade desk, which is in our second room. There is also designated parking in the alley between us and Tuesday Morning. We have now separated our check-out counter from our trade counter, in order to reduce confusion and serve our customers more quickly. This is a way of doing trade that seems to work well for Anthology, our sister store in Loveland. We'll see how it works for us.

We are really excited to show off our new space, so come visit us soon!

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