Monday, September 21, 2009

The Bookies at the Adult Spelling Bee

This weekend, Cam, Susie and I participated in Fort Collins' first ever adult spelling bee, brought to us by the lovely committee of Fort Collins Reads. They're the same people who are bringing T.C. Boyle, author of The Tortilla Curtain and The Women among twenty other novels and short story collections, to our very own Lincoln Center this November. You can still get your tickets to this event for $5 from Old Firehouse Books or at the Reader's Cove Bookstore on Harmony.

As soon as I showed up one of the first people I saw was an old friend from elementary school who had beaten me years ago at our fourth grade spelling bee. Luckily, she was only there to watch and wasn't competing. This event wasn't even close to my fourth grade spelling bee, though, since bribing and audience participation were strongly encouraged. Some of the teams even donned costumes, and there were some little old ladies running around dressed as bees, but The Bookies (Old Firehouse Book's team) stuck to our matching yellow T shirts. (T shirts was actually one of the words in the spelling bee. We didn't have to spell it, fortunately. I'll never be sure if it's "t-shirts" or "T shirts" or "tee shirts." I can't even remember now.)

We held our own in the second round, but got tripped up a few times and resorted to bribing, which we were definitely not to proud to do. As soon as the bribing was discontinued we lost our place and ended up sitting out for the rest of the Bee. The whole experience was so much fun, although it made me glad to know that I will always have spell check and dictionaries to fall back on.

Next year's Spelling Bee is going to be big, and this time we'll come prepared! We'll spend the next twelve months studying our dictionaries... or we'll just bring more cash. Either way, The Bookies are a team worth remembering!



These photos were taken by Miranda Grubbs of the Coloradoan. To see more pictures or read the article on the Spelling Bee, visit the link provided below.

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