Friday, November 13, 2009

A Reading Predicament

School is well under way for us studying at CSU. In fact, it is so under way that we are nearly done with the first semester. This leaves me in a reading predicament, or maybe two predicaments. The next four weeks of my life will most likely be spent in a crazed stupor of text book reading and test studying and paper writing. The first predicament is that this leaves little time for fun reading. I find it difficult to motivate myself to read for pleasure after hours of Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse. The second predicament is that after these crazy few weeks are over, I will suddenly have a relatively massive amount of fun reading time on my hands. This in itself, I suppose, is not a predicament, but rather that I will surely be overwhelmed by the amount of time I have off and end up spending most of it in a stupor watching bad movies I've already seen. I am not very organized.

It is time for this to change. The following are my five tips for how to cut corners in order to have more time for fun reading now, so that hopefully I won't feel so overwhelmed once winter break is upon us.

1. Don't match socks. Time spent matching socks is time not spent reading. No one can see my feet anyway, unless I'm not wearing my shoes, in which case I'm usually surrounded by people who will never notice.

2. Stop speaking in full sentences. Ev sec counts. Waste no time. READ.

3. Don't leave the house. Any time I leave my apartment, I'm in transit for at least five minutes. Sometimes even fifteen! And forget about going to Denver, I do not have that hour to spare. So no more leaving until they invent teleportation. Teleportation you can accomplish while reading.

4. Wash myself in the sink while doing dishes. Save on water, save the environment, read more.

5. Stop flossing. Okay, this one's a lie. I only tell the dentist I floss so I don't feel guilty when I go in for an appointment... This is time I have been saving all along.

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