Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review of Marian Keyes' "The Brightest Star in the Sky

Thanks to Kathleen Ivy, one of our customer reviewers (and friends)

Marian Keyes fans are in for a treat with The Brightest Star in the Sky. Full of the snappy dialogue and heart-hitting zingers Keyes is known for, this newest novel gives us a cast of heroines who are flawed in ways that make us relate to them all the more. Like the shoe hoarding, bed time story queen Katie who wants her own baby to read to and a man who puts her at the top of his list – not somewhere along the line, and Lydia who storms the castle of modern medicine to champion her unstable, ungrateful mother, and desires a cure for the common boyfriend. It is a mix of technology and myth with stolen identities, text messaging, and rampant (not always consensual) sex overseen and critiqued by a spirit seeking rebirth. Odd and yet compelling, death, despair, numbing banality, mysticism and rock-hard reality combine in this book that pulses with hope amid the wreckage of semi-failed relationships and the confusion inherent in living.

This title is due out in March of 2010. Be on the lookout for it!

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