Monday, December 20, 2010

Tips for Last Minute Shoppers

The count-down is reaching it's end. Without warning your twelve days of Christmas have suddenly become six, and we aren't open on Christmas day so it's really more like five. By now the panic has set in. Have you even started your Christmas shopping yet? You have an entire extended family to provide for and YOU HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED YET?!? WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH YOURSELF?!? Okay, now that we've panicked, let's go through a few tips to get us through the last minute rush of holiday shopping.

Tip #1- STOP PANICKING! SERIOUSLY! CUT IT OUT! Okay, done? Good. Take a deep breath. And another. One more. Don't forget to exhale! Have you exhaled? Okay. Now just continue this pattern because no one can buy presents if they've fainted.

Tip #2- Go to the bookstore. Old Firehouse Books is best (hint hint.) If there is one place where you can buy everyone on your list a meaningful present, it's here. You could go to some stupid chain and buy everyone some garbage for them to stick in their closet and forget, but I wouldn't recommend it. We have an amazing variety that can provide for both Grandma and Junior in a way that will expand their minds or provide some hearty entertainment. Remember: no one's life was ever changed by a scented candle.

Tip #3- Once you get here, DON'T PANIC. I know there's a lot of books, but we are here to help you. The biggest difference between us and Amazon is that we are living human beings who also know the importance of breathing. We can work with your budget, since we provide a wide selection of used books, as well. We also have a broad knowledge of our inventory, so we can find the perfect book based on the interests and passions of your loved one.

Tip #4- If you're a little shy, or the bookstore is packed with other last-minute shoppers upon your arrival, there are other options. For example, located just across from the biography section are our Staff Pick Shelves. These two cases are filled with books that we have read and loved. If you're shopping for someone who reads a lot, I'd suggest finding a shelf that has a book or author that you know they've enjoyed. From there you just have to take a look at the seven other books available on that shelf and trust that their similar tastes will do the rest.

Tip #5- Maybe you're shopping with a plan. If this is the case, I wonder why an organized person such as yourself has waited until the final five days to do your shopping. I'll just assume the best and imagine that you were in Antarctica for the past two months. If this is you, call ahead! We can be reached at 970-484-7898 and over the phone we can find your books for you and put them in a nice little bundle behind the front counter. This way you can waltz right up to the counter and be assured that all your book choices are there.

Tip #6- GET MOVING! We're open 9am-8pm today (Monday) through Thursday. On Friday (Christmas Eve) we'll be open 9am-5pm, but this day is reserved for the kings and queens of true procrastination. The sooner you get in the better, though, because with every passing hour we lose more awesome books to people less lazy than you.

Tip #7-On second thought, if there's one thing school has taught me, it's that only good things come from procrastination. You're already online, so just enjoy the following booky article and relax. We'll see you eventually! I mean, really, there's another five whole days left!

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