Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We've re-arranged the store!

After many hours of back-breaking-book-business, we've finally settled into a comfortable shelving situation! Exciting changes mean the store is approximately 137% more EXCELLENT.
Will you be able to find the books you're looking for?

Thrilling developments include:

-An E-Book Experimentation-Station! (We sell E-Books now!) Learn what all the fuss is about!
-Newer, more comfortable 'rugs' that are all the rage in Paris!
-A room devoted entirely to children's books! And teen books! And books for parents of children and/or teens!
-Light! Glorious light!
-A section for "Fiction" (consisting of our former 'novels' and 'mystery' sections) and a section for "Literature!" No longer will that 'Moby Dick' nonsense interfere with your search for Stephen King! (or vice-versa.)
-Our Science Fiction section is... Pretty much the same, actually.
-Even more in-store events! Come meet the authors of your favorite books! (See our website for details!)

Yes, here at Old Firehouse Books, we believe that change is good. So are books. When the two are combined, magic happens.

... But really, the new layout is pretty awesome. You should come by and see it.
Hope to see you soon!


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