Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just to Say Hello

Hey there folk of the written word. Summer is now nearing its end, and we here at the bookstore are looking forward to a little of that wonderful autumn weather around the corner. The bookstore is in fine shape and has been thoroughly cleansed of old books during these past few months. The things that remain in the store are what we refer to as "literary gold." This message is simply here to say hello. We are still around (even though we haven't been posting as much lately) and we are always excited to try and meet your book needs when you stop by to see us.

On another note, there have been a few changes here at the store with the faces you all are used to seeing. Some of our favorite friends might not be around anymore, but be sure to stop by and say hello to some of our older employees that have returned.

And finally, to make this post a bit more interesting, I'll leave you all with some fun info: Happy birthday Mary Oliver. Oliver is one of the most eminent figures in contemporary American poetry. Born in 1935, she has been writing for several decades, always working to refine her already dazzling poetic skill. Many have compared her work to that of Emily Dickinson. Come on down to the store and grab one of her books such as Red Bird. Hope to see you soon and take care.

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