Saturday, April 21, 2012

National Poetry Month. Oh yes.

So for those of you who have somehow managed to dodge this information, allow me to inform you that it is currently National Poetry Month.  Here at the Old Firehouse, we have a few people that are extremely happy about this.  In fact, they happen to be so happy that they are throwing a poetry reading this upcoming Saturday (April 28) in the Old Firehouse event space, which will be starting up around 7:00pm.  Joining these Firehouse poets will be Fort Collin's very own poet laureates, Matthew Sage and Michael Bussman. 

If it has been a while since you have picked up some poetry, this will be the perfect event to help get you back into the wonderful art of the poem.  Not only will you be able to hear the poets read their works, but you can even ask questions that you might have of the poets or poems.  There is no better way to get closer to a poem than to have a discussion about it with the very person that wrote it.  So in honor of National Poetry Month, we at the Old Firehouse encourage you to come enjoy some of the poetry we have to offer.  Whether you are an avid fan of poetry already, or just poetry-curious, this is the perfect event to attend in honor of an art that has existed within our culture for centuries upon centuries.   

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