Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pros... and Cons of E-Books

Not too many people know that we sell e-books. While paper books (the REAL deal) will always be our true love, we're booksellers of the 21st century and we keep up with the times. (Hey, we even have a blog! How hip is that?) E-book do have a lot of advantages-- they're light for travel, fit easily in a purse or backpack, and one day I'll be old enough that the enlarging font will be a godsend. If you're interested in purchasing an e-book from us, check out our website One day I'm sure I'll even hop on the technology train and get an e-reader myself, but I'll always be sure to have at least a couple real books lying around. Even you technology addicts out there with your fancy phones that are smarter than I am might want to consider not casting off paper books just yet.While an e-book might be a convenience at times, there are other where it can't compare.

REAL books in our store...
1. Never take time to load
2. Don't require an App
3. Will not run out of battery
4. Never delete themselves
5. Won't put your call on hold as you wait for customer service
6. Are still readable if they get wet

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