Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Weekenders

At the bookstore we have a division of week and weekend staff members with one of us bridging the gap on Saturdays to fill in the spaces where notes and telepathy fail. On the weekends things fluctuate from dreadfully boring to extremely busy and only sometimes is this a predictable occurrence.

When it is boring, we attempt to do projects, such as culling, that after a few hours lead us to desperation where we must avert our eyes from book spines. This means that we then move to trolling the internet or the alternative looking for funny book covers, author names and other miscellanea to have fun with. Sometimes these things end up on Facebook or other places where we allow our customers to delight in our goofy personalities and habits.

When it is busy, it acts like an average retail location where we serve customers, take in trade books, stock, search for books, take phone calls and go about "normal" bookstore behavior.

Depending on ones mood the preference fluctuates but all around working as a WEEKENDER is rather a treat, we have dedicated "weekend" customer base that delight us with their present and all of their quirks and excitement in books, life and whatever journeys they may be on.

At the bookstore we have a bit of a family here, sometimes we see each other a lot, sometimes it is longer before we see one another, but all around we get together once a month in a staff meeting where we cover business, the book we just read and have a really great time. Overall that is the bookstore, we work a lot, find pleasure in the little things and discuss how madly in love we are with the written word.

~Weekender, Rebecca

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