Saturday, September 29, 2012


Dear Fans,
If you follow us on Facebook you know we like to post quotes from our favorite reads, authors, philosophers etc. Quotes hold a special power, they are a patch from a larger piece of fabric, a larger idea, a larger story. I personally, Rebecca, love quotes.

I love their power, all alone, to make me pause and read them thoroughly. In essence I take the time to eat those words, working them slowly in my mouth, tasting their meaning and power.

Quotes inspire me daily; whether online, in a book I am reading or something I remember they are always in the back of my mind pushing me forward. They are intellectual energy that has lasted in my brain while other ideas have drifted on elsewhere. They are blood for my mind to keep pumping, keep living, keep doing.

I love the power that they have, whether I or anyone else can read a quote and fall madly in love with an author, an artist, a person from the past . I have met many new and creative minds this way and have read many great books because of this.

So that is the story behind quotes, if I share something I love, I hope someone else will fall in love. It is a way of sharing ideas, hope, inspiration and conspiring to make things better. The world can always use something better, even if it is just a quote.


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