Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Guess what!?!?

The holidays are upon us, whether we are ready or not! So this is to say Happy Thanksgiving! Harvest! Turkey Day! or whichever name you have for tomorrow.

We also want to announce all of the nifty holiday sales we have coming on Friday!

We're really excited about this, we are selling our KOBO MINI's, our new e-readers, for $49.99! They originally retail for $79.99, so this is quite the deal, and make sure to come in before they are all gone. This deal is for Friday and Saturday ONLY!

All purchases FRIDAY get 10% off of everything, but the KOBOs. 

If you are shopping for gifts and decide to buy this combo: NEW BOOK, CHOCOLATE BAR, & STICKER. You will then recieve 10% off of your book. YAY! This is good until Christmas. This is an UNLIMITED deal, so you can buy as many combos as you want and still get the book discount!

We get these beautiful winter catalogs, and they list all of these great holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list! The added perk is per transaction you can get ONE of these beautiful books for 20% off! This is also good through Christmas.

The last order of business is to ask you all to have a safe and happy holidays and thank you for shopping with us a small business and local! Every purchase you make helps a small business stay in business, it helps keep jobs for people who truly love them, and it helps your community grow, through tax dollars and by making relationships with your neighborhood stores. We at the Firehouse all treasure our jobs, and our local businesses, we all try and do our part by shopping locally and shopping small, and independent, because without those little "Mom and Pop" stores, things would just not be the same.

Holiday Cheer,

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