Saturday, January 18, 2014

Collecting Books

Since I work at a bookstore, and since you are reading this you probably know I work at a book store, and thus that information was arbitrary.
Anyway, since I work at a bookstore…. I own a lot of books. The problem is as follows.
GREAT used book comes in, and I MUST have it, because it is a HARDCOVER version of DUBLINERS and I only have a cheap PAPERBACK version.
Advanced Reader Copy comes into the story by a beloved author, so I MUST take it home to read it…in about three years when it is already released because it is at the bottom of my reading list. Oh wait, here is another one with a cool cover about medical history….that one is coming home too.
NEW book comes in that everyone at the bookstore has read and loves loves loves, I’ll take one of everything,
It is a problem. I mean before I even started working here going into a bookstore was a dangerous idea, since I would empty out my wallet faster that you could say “George R.R. Martin killed another character” (I don’t read George R.R. Martin by mu co-worker said it would work in this instance). Since I started working here, it is only worse, naturally, I get a discount, I get free books, I get gifts of books from my librarian mother and history geek father, I keep text books that inspire me. I have an entire bookcase I JUST bought full to the brim with books I need TO READ. Most people have stacks, a shelf, a few they NEED TO READ, nope I have an entire bookcase. Welcome to my life, books in everyroom, every shelf, every corner, every table. And one day I hope to have this library:

What are your book collecting woes, habits, complaints and musings?
~Rebecca Robinson

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