Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Biblio apnea

Throughout my life I've been a chronic sufferer of biblio apnea. Yes, this is a condition I just made up, but that doesn't take away from how serious it is. Biblio apnea is defined (by me, just now) as an inability to focus on any book in particular, usually striking bibliophiles hardest. Possible signs of Biblioapnea include: increase in library fines, book collection growth at an usually increased rate, restlessness, panic attacks, irritation, headaches, lower back pain.

Yes, I suffer. I know these symptoms well and I've been carrying this burden for years. It usually strikes hardest toward the end of summer. In a panicked rush, I realize that there are only three precious weeks left until the next semester begins. This is three weeks without required reading, three weeks to read exactly what I want at the pace I want, without any other texts lingering over me. In these last moments before school, my panic freezes me and I end up finishing no book at all.

In the past week and a half I have started reading five novels. I am yet to even reach the halfway mark in one of them. Just before a story begins to evolve, I pick up another and let one slip by.

Although I know my condition is not terminal, I fear it will follow me for the rest of my life. I bravely continue onward, in the hope that one day might bring a cure. Until then I must struggle forward and I can again finish book. Anyone interested in starting a support group, call me.

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