Sunday, August 30, 2009

Zombies Exist (or at least they will)

The Walking Dead by Kirkman and Moore

We have all asked ourselves the simple question:

Well, for Kirkman and Moore it’s simple. They don’t know. Because our main character simply wakes from a coma in a deserted hospital and begins his new life in the zombie-filled new age. (Yes, exactly like in the movie 28 Days Later) As much as I’m quick to dismiss the situational zombie clich├ęs, there are interactions and situations you’ve never considered. As a zombie survivalist, you’ll be pleased to know that our hero is almost a joy to follow. He makes all the right decisions and seems relatively sane. His adventure takes us to the survivors who have set up barracks and mini-societies. While the situation isn’t new, the human interactions are what drive this series. Infidelity, danger, and fear for the children are the true issues in the books as well as, of course, survival.

I give it a 3.999/5

<3 Nicole

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