Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blue Nude Review

Yes, it's just what it sounds like: a review of the book Blue Nude. Thanks to Kathleen Ivy, intrepid reviewer who dares to go where no reviewer has read before. Blue Nude is due out in paperback on September 14.

Obviously familiar with the artistic process and mind, Elizabeth Rosner gives readers a compelling and engaging story in Blue Nude. Shifting back and forth in time between the two main characters, and writing in third person, Rosner still manages to capture readers and force them to care – to pay close attention.

The two main characters, Danzig – troubled and brilliant, Merav – beautiful and poised, both fighting cultural enemies, struggle to come to terms with family guilt, with death, and with the sure knowledge that nothing is permanent, nothing is “complete”. Following their own distinct but closely aligned, paths, they learn to stand in the “thin line between preparation and catastrophe.”

The novel explores what it means to develop and grow in the shadow of disaster on both global and intimate scales. Though it uses the details of the tragic events of the Second World War as a catalyst, it effectively explores human experience with a broad scope and dynamic understanding.

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