Friday, June 25, 2010

Plain Kate Review

Here's another Kathleen Ivy review. This one is for a teen book, but I know I want to read it.

Set in a medieval world, Plain Kate by Erin Bow takes the reader on a journey that explores the edges of things and considers the true nature of what knits us together – and what tears us apart. Though written for a young audience, Kate and her adventures has a lot to say to every reader. Full of multidimensional characters hemmed in by a creeping, misty terror as well as the stresses and striving of day to day survival. Pushed by forces she struggles to understand, and harried by gifts that are as startling to her as they are to those around her, Kate travels from market town to hillside, stream and forest seeking answers – seeking peace. With her sleek gray cat, Taggle, for company Kate finds pain and healing, friendship mingled with betrayal, and magic mingled with common needs. It is a tale well told, and a tale worth keeping.

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