Saturday, July 3, 2010

Last words...

This is it friends. The last shift, my staff pick shelf has been taken down, my reading frenzy of books I am afraid of never seeing again has slowed (never ending of course), and I sit wondering "what next?"
Many of you might know the changes happening here in the store but for those of you that don't I will fill you in. I am moving to Portland next week with my fiance! We are getting married (back in CO) in September but until then I am preparing for the wedding and he is working at the lab he will be in for school. It's a big change and to be honest hard for me! I have gotten used to this adorable town and this wonderful and amazing bookstore being the center of a lot of my life here! But it's on to new things and new bookstores (never a chain though, rest assured!).
I will miss everything about this store and the customers. I have loved getting to know many of you and talking "shop" with you! Books are such a wonderful thing to draw people together and make them into friends. What a treat it has been to read some customer recommendations and other books that I might not have branched into on my own! Thanks!
In closing, I want to encourage you to READ MORE! Our motto here of Eat, Sleep, Read really makes for a charming and wonderful life and I am trying my best to live it out! I hope you find books that capture and enthrall you, that take you to far away places and teach you about other lives, and I hope you find books that change your life (ahem, The Happiness Project...cough, cough).

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