Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bom Dia! Eu precio de um novo livro por favor!

Bom Dia!

That means "good day!" in Portuguese, one of the few phrases I learned during my visit there over Spring Break! While there, I was happy to see the beaches, delicious food, and unique people that I expected, but I was also pleasantly surprised at the book culture in Brazil, particularly in Rio. Every block or two I'd find a small open-air shop. These shops would sell the usual everyday necessities or desires like candy, drinks, and pens, but in addition there was a decent collection of books. At first I would have expected these to be mostly pulp novels, whatever the Brazilian version would be of sexy westerns or bodice-ripping historical romances. Those where there, of course, but there was also a wonderful collection of literature and classics, as well! I saw Portuguese editions of On the Road, Factotum, and The Road. It seems like a dream come true to live in a town where everywhere you go, a new book is waiting for you around the corner! If only I could speak Portuguese, I'd be set to take off and start my new life in Rio de Janeiro! Oh well. Next time I visit, there is only one phrase I'll need to memorize before I go: "
Bom dia! Eu preciso de um novo livro por favor!" (Good day! I need a new book please!)

Until the day I master Portuguese and set off for my new life in Brazil, I guess I'll just have to be content working at Old Firehouse, where the books might not be right outside my front door, but they're pretty darn close!

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