Friday, March 18, 2011

Chapter and Verse

We have a new book club in the store called Chapter and Verse. Its focus is children's literature, but the club itself is for adults. So if you are a parent, a grandparent, a teacher, or just like kid's books, this is the club for you! Here's a summary of last night's meeting:

This month, we had the great treat of meeting with Natasha Wing, author of An Eye for Color, to talk about her book. It was a real pleasure to talk with Natasha and learn more about her process for creating her book. She had to work very closely with her illustrator, and subtle differences in shade and color, especially in her examples and exercises, could make a huge difference.

Since President Obama picked some Albers pieces as art after he moved into the White House, Natasha sent a copy of her book to Sasha and Malia, so that they could read about where those pieces came from!

I loved the idea that Josef Albers approached his art so methodically and scientifically. One doesn’t normally think of art and science meshing well, but Albers shows that these two different perspectives can enhance each other. Understanding how colors affect each other and the moods that they create can help an artist render emotion more effectively.

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