Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Carol Berg at Strange Worlds Book Club!!

As you may or may not know, Old Firehouse Books has a science fiction book club called Strange Worlds. We've had a great time this year reading everything from Neil Gaiman to Dan Simmons. Anyone is welcome, and our selections are 20% off, just like all the book clubs we offer.
Anyway, we're extremely excited to have an award-winning Fort Collins science fiction author at our next meeting on February 11 at 6pm! Carol Berg has been publishing stellar fantasy novels since 2000. Her new series is called Collegia Magica, and features a Renaissance/Age of Reason setting, plus political intrigue. Please join us with questions for Carol- this should be a lot of fun.
Here's a review from Kathleen Ivy, friend, customer, and perspicacious reviewer:

In Spirit Lens Carol Berg takes us into a world familiar enough to walk around in, and fantastical enough to keep us from ever wanting to leave. Her main character, Portier de Savin-Duplais, soon ceases to be a mere character and becomes instead a fellow traveler, a crony to any reader who has ever pondered destiny. He is also an icon for anyone who has bumbled in confusion amid a conglomeration of powerful people who do not just have dangerous hidden agendas, but multiple layers of agendas and stratagems (such as high school or corporate America.) Accompanied by the flagrantly hilarious Ilario, and the broody, intense Dante, Portier traverses a world both achingly beautiful and deeply horrifying. They meet a multitude of well drawn characters so compelling that a reader feels nearly as if she has watched a cinematic epic instead of reading a novel. Though any fan of medieval history is familiar with the feudal and apprentice system used as structure in Spirit Lens, the juxtaposition of science and magic takes a new turn as the difference between formulaic magic and intrinsic magic are explored. Spirit Lens is a thoroughly satisfying read for those of us who love magic and the medieval. As Portier realizes at the beginning he, “needed a sorcerer” and so do we.

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