Friday, January 8, 2010

The New Year

I don't make resolutions. I usually end up forgetting about them or bailing on them anyways so I skip the whole process in general. This year is a little different for me.
Let me go back. Last summer I hit a wall. I was working too much, I was stressed out, I couldn't enjoy things because I was always thinking of what was next...It was horrific. And after realizing it (it did feel like running straight into a wall!) I committed to having more fun in my life. I put up notes in my house to remind me to have fun. I sang songs, I danced, I acted silly and tried to smile a heck of a lot more while working, going to school, paying bills, etc. It was a challenge. Then this winter I came across a book that changed everything. It's called The Happiness Project. The writer decides to try to act out and be happier in her everyday life. Every month she sets different goals and projects and writes about how each work out. What got me really into the book was one of her first ideas, she wanted to work on having more energy. She had a couple of different strategies and projects but the one that caught my eye was to dance and skip in the low points of her day to raise her energy. Since I already do that here at work (it's true, come by some day at around 3 or 4 and I usually can be found in the aisles goofing off or dancing) I thought, "at last! a kindred spirit!" and then proceeded to devour the rest of the book.
One focus I really like that I am constantly trying to put into action in my own life is to find happiness where I am at. Without changing or altering much in my day to day hum drum boringness. I really appreciated the authors take on finding things to be grateful for, and working outwards to find happiness (volunteering, loving people, giving) without feeling that she was preaching or above anyone.
So, to sum up. This year I am making a resolution. Many resolutions to be exact. I have written out everything that was a "project" in the book and changed a couple of things to make them more specific to my life and voila! I have my own version of The Happiness Project! Feel free to come into the store and ask me how it's going! (although if you catch me on a day where I am forgetting to work on it...remember it's a work in progress! Also, one of my "projects" is to work on remembering things better so feel free to remind me about that!)
Hope to see you all soon in a HAPPY 2010.

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