Thursday, February 25, 2010

Love your Local... no.... REALLY love your local

"Thank you for calling Old Firehouse books; This is Nicole; How can I help you?" That's how I answer the phone like 100 times a day when I work. And the weird thing is, no matter what the call, I really enjoy answering it. Every call is a problem to solve. I learn about new titles, take orders, give directions, and find books for people- all with my voice alone.
Not to get business-professional-sentimental on everyone, but I love working at a local business. I feel a connection with our customers as our community. What we order is what you read and what you read, we order. We're the best symbiotic relationship this side of the Mississippi! I believe this and I'm pretty sure all my coworkers feel the same.
By not going to Barnes and Noble or Amazon for your books you're doing a super duper good thing. For our relationship. It's almost like buying us flowers or chocolates. And in return we promise to be the best bookfriend you've ever had. We'll eventually remember how to spell your name, (Sorry Mrs. Abrems) and you'll stop trying to buy the same book 100 times (I agree, those covers are confusing.) And we will live happily ever after, just like we have been doing all along.

Check out our events below. We can get to know each other a little better. They're like... not a... date. But, we'll see you, okay. Great.

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