Thursday, March 18, 2010

Postcards from a Dead Girl

When a relationship ends, how long does it take for you to really "get over it"? In Postcards from a Dead Girl, Colorado author Kirk Faber's debut novel he introduces us to Sid Higgins. Sid has been receiving mysterious postcards from his ex-girlfriend Zoe. Sid may or may not have a tumor. Sid has an overly peppy boss at the travel agency. In short, Sid is having more than his share of issues. In an attempt to cope, he builds his own mudbath, befriends a few strangers and converses with his dog Zero. However the postcards keep coming and throwing him off kilter.

Postcards from a Dead Girl is an interesting and darkly humorous book that I couldn't put down.
At times Sid's introspective musings were easy to relate to and at other times I could empathize with him. Farber writes with a mix of Chuck Palahniuck and Nick Hornby that I think many people will enjoy like I did.

Kirk Faber will be in the store this Saturday (March 20th) to sign and discuss his book at 12pm so come say hi!!!

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