Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kelsey and Nicole here

After a hearty debate we decide that one more post was required to follow up our book/ movie musings.
Things We MOST hate about "Mooks" or movie/books

1. The Last Song
Perhaps the lamest excuse for a "mook" is when a book is written specifically to be made into a movie. We're not talking about screenplays. We're talking about actual books. We will go naming names since Nicholas Sparks seems to be the only human able to pull this off. Maybe some Nora Roberts books were written to become Lifetime movies, we're not sure. But to write a book specifically for Miley Cyrus so she can play the main character and beepbop the soundtrack in the movie makes us cringe. A lot.

2. Video games that have been turned into books
Assassin's Creed came across the trade counter the other day. I thought, hmm, Assassin's Creed... where do I know that from? It's a video game. They took the plot of a video game and put it into a mass market paperback. Maybe video game geeks need more things to read? I don't know. What's next? A World of Warcraft book that people can't stop reading?

3. Movies that have been made into books
It starts out innocent enough. Disney makes The Lion King into a little picture book for kids. But then there's the Transformers in a book and Cars the movie and even manga from anime. We have enough Star Wars and Star Trek and every thing else in the whole world. Noooooooooooooooooo. Please, media, stop.

That's all. We hope you had a great movie.
We mean weekend.

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