Friday, May 7, 2010

Beyond C.J. Box...

We had a signing with C.J. Box at our store last Saturday and it ROCKED. He is a gentleman and a scholar, and was absolutely wonderful to each and every person who asked for an autograph, despite the fact that he had seen his family for exactly one day in the past month due to his travel schedule. I happen to love his books, and was ecstatic to be able to host him for an event. If you like reading about the modern West , enjoy the outdoors, and like a fast-paced action-packed story, these books are for you. I love recommending C.J. Box books, because I'm always confident that the customer will come back for more and zoom through the whole Joe Pickett series.
But what if you've read all of the books that C.J. Box has written and want more? Well, other than waiting for his next one, here are some authors to try:
1. Nevada Barr. Her main character is a forest ranger instead of a game warden, but you get some of the same man vs. nature/man.vs man conflict, and she features a different national park in each book. Start with Track of the Cat.
2. Cormac McCarthy. His vision of the West is bleaker than C.J. Box's, but many of the same themes are there. Try No Country for Old Men.
3. Mark Spragg. Another Wyoming writer who gets the tone of the vanishing West right. My favorite is An Unfinished Life.
4. James Doss. I had the privelege of meeting the gentleman at a convention and found him charming. He writes western mysteries with a Native American Element. The Shaman Sings is the first book in his series.
5. Craig Johnson. He will be appearing at the store on June 19! A Wyoming mystery author whose first novel, The Cold Dish, was a DILYS finalist and Booksense pick. His new book, Junkyard Dogs, will be available at the end of May.

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