Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reading is Sexy

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My idea of the perfect date: We walk barefoot along the beach reading snippets of poetry to each other. We dine on bagels and coffee at a small cafe attached to a locally owned bookstore and gaze longingly into each others' eyes. He makes jokes with subtle references to our favorite classic novels. He is wearing a shirt with a meaningful quote from his favorite author and I'm wearing my black apron that Old Firehouse Books lovingly gives me to wear at work. He is also Garth Stein, author of Fort Collins' Book of the Year The Art of Racing in the Rain.

Okay, so that might be an exaggeration. Especially since Garth Stein is a little too old for me and really not my type (sorry, Garth.) Plus he's married. In fact, I'm starting to feel a little creepy for even writing that... so just forget it. My "ideal date" is a bit over the top, but I do strongly believe that reading is one of the sexiest things a guy can do.

This weekend was a good example. Thursday night my boyfriend and I took a trip down to Broomfield where we met up with some of his family to celebrate his younger brother's graduation from high school. Anyone who has been in that situation before knows that it is pretty damn stressful, no matter what the circumstances. To soothe my frazzled nerves, he took me to bookstores. Three bookstores, in fact, in 24 hours. We went to The Boulder Bookstore, the Tattered Cover on the 16th St Mall, and Black & Read (pronounced like "red") in Arvada. (Black & Read was the best, recommended especially to lovers of both books and music!) It was a great weekend, meeting his family went well, and in our spare time he took me to do something I really love, no matter how nerdy that makes me!

Reading is sexy because it's a shared passion. He and I can geek out together over an awesome selection of used books or over a new novel weren't even aware of.

Reading is sexy because I know we will always have something to talk about. There is always some new story to discuss or some favorite passage to share.

Reading is sexy because it means he has an open mind and is eager to know more.

Reading is just obviously, incredibly, undeniably sexy. Something about a cute guy holding a good book makes him even more attractive. (It works the same way for girls, too!) So come into the bookstore, buy a book, and go strut your stuff! Remember, a book will never make your butt look fat.

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