Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We're a finalist!

Oh man! I have very exciting news my Firehouse friends. Remember the first blog entry I ever posted? It seems so long ago! Well, that first post was the creation story for our Khaled Hosseini mountain (affectionatly called Echo Mountain by yours truly). And remember how I said it was all for this contest, the prize for which is a visit from Khaled Hosseini himself? You don't remember? Well go read my first post!

Okay, I'll cut to the good news. Old Firehouse Books is a FINALIST!!! Ah!!!

We are all very excited here at the store. We only have until May 10th to get as many votes as possible. This is where you come in.

All of us here at the store ask that you take a few seconds to vote for us. Having such a prestigious author come to our store would be a huge help. It primes the pump for getting other big name authors in the future and shows that Fort Collins is a community that has a passion for reading.


Once you're on the voting page, select Old Firehouse Books in Fort Collins, CO, enter your name and e-mail address then hit SUBMIT and BAM! you're done! Don't worry, they won't send you any newsletters unless you request them.

Below is a picture of our lovely display (so you can know what you're voting for).

Thanks again for all your help! Hopefully we will be bringing you good news come May 10th.



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