Tuesday, April 16, 2013

World Book Night follow-up

Hello my Old Firehouse fans! Did you miss me? I'm sorry to have left you but I was called out of town on business last week and could not write to you! But, I was pleasantly surprised to return to the store and find that Teresa covered my regular Thursday blog entry. So a big thank you to her! I enjoyed reading about her book challenge. It is something I myself have considered doing. But right now I have many other books that have been vying for my attention for too long. One day I will immerse myself in the classics and I hope I will find it just as enjoyable as Teresa has.

Though it is not Thursday, I figured I should put up a post concerning some WBN items that have been changed due to Colorado's second winter.

We had planned to host a little WBN get-together at the store this past Monday (the 15th). We also had our Mad Scientist Day scheduled for Monday the 15th as well. Sadly, the weather was just not ideal for either event to take place, and we ended up closing the store early.

Do not fear! We have rescheduled both events!

The WBN get-together will now be taking place on Monday the 22nd (WBN eve!) from 6 until the store closes and we (and by that I mean 'I') send you all home.However, you do not have to wait until the 22nd to pick up your books. We have them at the store RIGHT NOW! So you can stop by anytime during store hours and pick them up.

Mad Scientist Day has been moved to Friday, May 17th (another teacher work day, so all the kids will be out of school) from 11-2. We hope you all will come out for some fun, hands-on science.

Alright, now that you're all updated, I shall be off. I need to spend some time brainstorming what I will write to you about on Thursday! Who knows? Could be anything.

With that, I bid you farewell.



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