Thursday, June 20, 2013

If you haven't heard...

Hello Firehouse friends. I was lacking in creative juices last week so I allowed myself to fall back on Chloe's lovely review of Sure Signs of Crazy. The author actually commented on the review. Nice one, Chloe!

Today I am here to tell you about the up-coming, second annual Old Town Book Fair. I was totally oblivious to this event last year. But working in a bookstore helps me stay up to date on all of the bookish goings on of Fort Collins.

The Old Town Book Fair is hosted by Wolverine Farm, a publishing house located right here in Fort Collins. The event is a day-long celebration of books and literary culture here in FoCo. But this year, there is even more fun to be had, all week long!

While the actually book fair will take place on June 29th from 10:00am to 6:00pm, there will be other fun activities taking place everyday starting on June 22nd.

These events are as follows:

June 22nd: Literary Costume Party at New Belgium Brewing 8pm

June 24th: The Wheel History Bicycle Ride at The Bean Cycle 5:30pm

June 25th: Workshop: Writing Against Delusion at Old Town Library 7:30pm

June 26th: Words with Hops Redux at Fort Collins Brewery 8pm

June 27th: A Poetic Inventory of Rocky Mountain National Park Book Release Party at Pinot's Pallette 8pm AND Workshop: Make it Loud at Old Town Library 7:30pm

June 28th: Read-a-Thon 10am-5pm Tender is the Night in Old Town (various locations)

For more information regarding these events, check out Wolverine Farm's page on the Book Fair here.

All this fun culminates in the ultimate event on Saturday the 29th. The Book Fair will take place in Old Town Square. There will be events taking place on the main stage, including a puppet show, open mic story time, a story slam, and music.

Both Old Firehouse Books and Fort Collins Brewery will have local authors spending time at their tents throughout the day. Stop by at the right time and you could meet authors such as:

Karye Cattrell
Natasha Wing
Curt Wendelboe
Laura Resau
Stasie John

and a whole bunch more! Again, for information on what authors will be at the event as well as when and where, click here.

All of us at the Firehouse would love to see you come out and participate in this community event.

Until next time, Firehouse friends. Keep reading.



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