Friday, March 20, 2009

Look Me in the Eye

One of the reasons I like working at Old Firehouse Books is being able to talk to the variety of customers that frequent the store. No one is the same yet strangers can easily bond over a book. My interest with how people, who have such different perspectives in the world, yet manage to connect to each other is one of the reasons I decided to read “Look Me in the Eye.”
The book is the autobiography of John Elder Robinson, who growing up had difficulty interacting with others. He struggled because he was born with Asperger’s syndrome before it was even recognized as a mild form of autism. As a child he was called anything from psycho to sociopath, because of his inability to recognize social signals and therefore respond appropriately.
Beyond his struggles with Asperger’s, John has some amazing stories that include his frequent childhood pranks (some on his little brother Augusten Burroughs) to touring with the band KISS as a teenager.
I liked this book because of the illuminating picture John provides on how he understands life. This is a great book for fans of anything by Temple Grandin or anyone looking to gain a bit of insight into someone else’s world.

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