Sunday, March 8, 2009

a poem

Book Store on Wheels by Kelsey Myers

There once was a store that sold lots of books.

(The staff was renowned for their impressive good looks!)

Their small little store, right by Dairy Queen

was by the bike path, across from Human Bean.

But as years went by, the store kept on growing

and everyone knew which way they'd be going!

It was time to move on, move to a better space,

and downtown Fort Collins was just the right place!

They searched and they searched all throughout town

until the Old Firehouse location was found!

It was bigger and better, the spot was divine.

They knew that there the book store could shine!

So they all got ready for the big move,

it would be tough, but they know they'd improve

the book store by changing, because that's how life goes,

even though moving sometimes really blows.

So now they're all ready to relocate the store,

it should be fun, although a bit of a chore.

But when it's all finished, the last box unpacked,

no one will deny the obvious fact

that it was all worth it, worth all the work

worth seeing Dick and Susie go berserk.

So be ready to see them in their new spot

and go in to see all the great books they got!


  1. This poem is great
    There is no dispute
    Ms. Kelsey has skill
    And talent to boot


  2. We just cannot wait,
    For the big move to come,
    A bookstore so great
    In the downtown, a plum.

    from the Hoffmyers