Thursday, May 2, 2013

Events, Contests, and Owls

Hello Firehouse friends! It is that time once again. I sit here behind the counter and regale you with whatever I find of interest...or whatever Kelsey and Justin tell me to write about. It's usually good stuff so I don't mind (love you Kelsey and Justin!).

First, I shall give you a rundown of upcoming store events.

Mad Scientist Day will be taking place on Friday, May 17th. We will have fun, easy, hands-on experiments for kids, parents, really anyone who loves science. The event will run from 11-2. It's a teacher work day and the kids will be out of school. No excuses! You'll need something to do, right?

The following Sunday (the 19th) Matthew Wolpe, author of Reinventing the Chicken Coop, will be in the store signing books and hopefully talking about chickens! And their coops, of course. If you've been considering bringing chickens into your home 1) you should because home grown chicken eggs are delicious and 2) chickens are endlessly entertaining. Stop by and get you some chicken knowledge! The event starts at 3pm.

Last, and probably most importantly, we have EIGHT DAYS LEFT to get votes for our Khaled Hosseini display. Remember, if we win the contest, Khaled Hosseini will grace us with his presence right here in FoCo! So please, CLICK HERE and vote for us! All you need is to give your name and email. Thank you!

Okay, I think that has gotten all the housekeeping things out of the way. Now for the creative part which, I will admit, I am lacking in tonight. But here it goes anyway.

I recently became familiar with the work of David Sedaris. I made the decision to pick up one of his books because he will be in Fort Collins on May 8th giving a talk at the Lincoln Center. Though I will not be working at the event, I figured it would still be wise to familiarize myself with the author's work so I could better sell his books. And I'm always looking for something new to read.

The book I read was Me Talk Pretty One Day. The title alone is interesting and mildly humorous, but the book itself is immensely entertaining and hilarious.

Sedaris has his own brand of humor to be sure. It can be dry, sadistic and cynical at times. If this isn't your idea of funny, you probably shouldn't pick up a Sedaris book. While I enjoy Sedaris' somewhat sick sense of humor, what I really admire about his writing, and really just him as a person, is that he is incredibly honest. He tells stories of his life and hides nothing of his experience from the reader. He captures and expresses what I believe to be many universal human responses and emotions. And what is most refreshing is he is not ashamed of any of them.

Okay, that last statement may have been a little too bold but the point is he is still putting them out there for other people to be aware of and that takes guts. I bring up Sedaris in this post because 1) he has a new book out and 2) he is coming to the Lincoln Center on May 8th, as I mentioned earlier. I will sadly not be able to attend the talk but I will be skulking around the lobby waiting for the presentation to finish so I can meet the man and get my book signed. Should be fun!

If you were lucky enough to get tickets for the event, hurray for you! If you weren't lucky enough to get tickets to the event, come skulk in the lobby with me! If you don't care either way, well fine, be that way.

Stop by the store and pick up a copy of David Sedaris' new book Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls. If you buy it early you can beat the rush at the actual event and get in line for a signature first. Whoo!

That is all for tonight my friends. Next week's blog will be a surprise! (Seriously, I don't even know what it will be about yet.)



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