Sunday, May 5, 2013

I can't eat anything....

Howdy book lovers! I hope your weekend is going well, and you are enjoying the sunshine, birds, and fresh air as I am.

As I was mopping the floors this morning, I had an idea, I thought I would talk about my food allergies (I was by cookbooks) and just how wonderful books are at helping me cope. Anyone with allergies can relate with me, and anyone with multiple allergies or dietary restrictions understands the chaos that is everyday life.

Here is my list:

I don't eat ANY meat but fish and seafood, because any other meats upset my stomach because of an acid problem.
I am allergic to:
and sometimes I have a hard time with
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I also have a difficult time with acidic foods from time to time like TOMATOES, and PINEAPPLES. (foods I LOVE mind you)

Believe me it is so fun going to the grocery store, out to eat, eat at friend's houses and many other places.

Anyway, as many "issues" as I have and restrictions the best advice, tips, recipes and hope has been found in the world of books! Amazing, even in the world of the internet and all the advice, recipes, blogs, stories and more I still find a good cookbook the most effective means to survive.

I ordered one a while back that I have been madly in love with called Happy Herbivore Abroad it is a vegan cookbook, but that does not hold it back. Full of global fusion recipes, with smart alterations and quick tips, not to mention quick listings at the top of every recipe on if it is Gluten Free, Soy Free, Budget etc. So every meal is chosen with ease and simplicity. I must say this cook book has pretty much kept me alive this semester, since it has been the last 6 months that I have been having the most issues with soy, nuts, and beans.

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Other great books we have in stock, Allergy-Free and Easy Cooking excludes gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, and sesame! I have a copy of this one at home, and if you want something with more "home-cooking" this is the book. Grilled Cheese anyone? Also, for those that want a little more meat to your diet, this one is great for you.
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For more vegetarian ideas, 125 Gluten-Free Vegetarian Recipes looks compelling with a great variety of yummy dishes that could please anyone!

So there you are a few suggestions on surviving your cooking woes, but what about eating out?

I LOVE FOOD, I love eating out, I love trying new places and dishes, and anything local, international, and exciting. Guess what? This is not so fun when you fear the stomach ache at the end of the night because something was "contaminated" or when you cheat and eat cheese, cream or other foods you once had a relationship with, and can't quite cut the strings...
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Eating out can either be painless or absolute misery. With multiple restrictions you fear that the server will spit in your food, or ignore your concerns, or both when you list off everything you can't eat. I'm the annoying customer "Um, hi, so does this have soy or dairy in it? Because I see it is GLUTEN FREE but I can't have soy, or dairy..." and mose the time they are raelly understanding, but occasionally you get a look or a "I don't know" or "ummmm it's fine, yeah, you'll be okay"( To this one I always end up sick...arrrgghhh).

There is hope yet! I found a gem today, which prompted this blog Quick Check Guide to Gluten-Free Foods. How cool is this? I can look up restaurants and brands and see just what I can or can't eat, and it even list all the nutrition facts so you are up to date on calories, fat, sugar, sodium etc. This would be the perfect travel companion for the United States, an instant savior with faced with unknown restaurants across the country.

However, the biggest part of the book is about grocery items that are safe, unsafe and what is in them.

So, if you often have a moment of panic and tears like I sometimes do in the grocery store where you not so quietly whine "I can't eat anything!" here is some hope. Stay strong allergy sufferers, you will find a balance and plenty of wonderful foods to eat, I promise. Oh, and if you want some personal help come in on the weekends and chat with me, Rebecca, and I'll offer my own experience and recomendations.


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