Thursday, August 29, 2013

For the love of Beer! And other things.

I'm so bad. I completely spaced posting a blog last week! Forgive my friends. 'Twill not happen again.

So I walked into the store this afternoon, dropped my stuff in the storeroom and returned to the trade counter to find myself faced with a shelf full of books. How is this different from any other day you might ask? Well, hidden in this particular shelf of books were books about beer...lots of books about beer. Susie informed me all these beer books had been on back order and finally came in today. We had hoped to have them for our Beer Crafts event weeks ago, but, no dice.

So now we have tons of books on brewing in the store. If you have been wanting to brew but didn't know where to start, have had thoughts of brewing but have been waiting for the right time, or if you just really like beer, come see us! We have all the books you could possibly want about beer and beer related things! Seriously, come buy some books.

Keeping in the beer vein (mmm, beer vein), let's talk about Tour de Fat. The glorious day of biking, beer, bizarre costumes and bemusement is almost upon us! In honor of the event, and since all of us here at the bookstore are fond of bikes and beer (except for Rebecca, she likes a good cider, but close enough), we decided to put together a swell display for our front window promoting the event.


I put the display together myself...mostly. I did have some help getting all the finishing touches.

I gathered up books about bikes and books about beer. I printed out the Ten Commandments, the parade route and the event date (it's Saturday the 31st of August). And of course I printed pretty pictures of people peddling bikes, bottles of beer, and the New Belgium logo.

But something was missing.

I mentioned to Justin how I thought putting bottle caps from New Belgium on the shelf would be the perfect thing to bring the display together. Of course, to do that, we were going to need some beer. We each called on friends, co-workers, and family to help us (it was a Monday, after all, not the best night to get too shmammered). We gathered at my house and had a lovely time drinking and chatting. And we got plenty of bottle caps and beer labels.

The next day I came to work ready to put the final touches on the display. Justin had also brought in a collection of random bike accessories to contribute. When everything was said and done, we had a pretty kick-butt display. Check it.

I know you can't see it super well, so you should just come by the store and check it out while you're buying you brewing book, or bike repair book, or whatever other book you want! You can never go wrong with books (unless it's 50 Shades of Grey).  

Also, a big thanks to New Belgium for hooking us up with some awesome Tour de Fat books. Cheers!

Until next time my friends, happy biking, happy brewing, and happy reading! 


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