Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Travel Bug

Hello Bookworms!

I am the returning staff member that has been travelling through Europe for the summer, returning to sell books and share my adventures. It has been a beautiful summer, inspiring, motivating, heartwarming and relaxing. Therefore I plan to share a little bit of what I have learned along the way and my favorite travel books and companies for surviving months on the road.

If you need the motivation to travel:,_Pray,_Love_%E2%80%93_Elizabeth_Gilbert,_2007.jpg/220px-Eat,_Pray,_Love_%E2%80%93_Elizabeth_Gilbert,_2007.jpg

   Gilbert is one of my favorite authors and the way in which she writes not only transports you but inspires you to find your own slice of happiness pie! Since I lived in Italy for a good chunk of the summer her first section really hits a new chord with me. Many of you have probably read this, but if you haven't, DO! We have copies on the shelf right now, give us a call!

If you're on a tight budget: may think that travel is expensive, and out of reach. Which yes it's expensive, but maybe not as bad as you think. The Let's Go books offer affordable ways to travel around the world if say you're a student, young adult, or money concious adult, adult. They are my personal favorites for their lists of inexpensive hostels, city maps, eatery listings, cool night life, and where to get great souvenirs without breaking the bank. They also give information on attaining visas, country requirements for entry, phone number and quick phrases. For both of my trips to Europe this was one of the first items I bought! Order your copy on our website.  
If you have no idea where to go: The Discover series of books from Lonely Planet are a great way to start. Basically pick a country, get book, start planning. The books are FULL of images, maps, ideas, and inspiration for your next trip. If you know you want to go to Italy, grab a copy and just start flipping through pictures. That way you can easily narrow down what you want to see in person, by using a picture. It's a pretty fun concept. These are also good for school projects, vicarious joy and coffee table books. 
If you're short on time, or just visiting a city: tried out this guide for my trip, since I wasn't going to be in London or the United Kingdom very long and found it very useful. Full maps, tips, segments, restaurants and direction. Even though I know London well enough from my last trip it was nice to have something to go to when I got lost, wanted to know how much something cost etc. For a flash trip to somewhere this is a great go to and it won't take up too much luggage space. 
If you want to know everything: 
Lonely Planet and Rick Steve's are well known for providing in depth and fascinating accounts of where and what to see. Especially for a more refined traveller and not the backpacking 22-year-old (ahem). Lonely Planet also offers a line of On a Shoe String books for those in between, hostel dorms of 17 people and a $300 hotel.

Those are my quick tips on navigating the travel book section of our store. Please feel free to stop in, ask questions and have us order anything you may desire. 

Rebecca Robinson

P.S. you may be thinking, it's too late in summer to travel, but my tip would be to travel in fall or spring. Less crowds, less expensive, less heat, and more fun. Most the time the weather is also really nice, but double check the area you want to go to.


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