Thursday, August 15, 2013

Literacy, generosity, and Shailene Woodley's hair.

Well my friends, I have regained a fair bit of sanity since I last wrote to you. But I am feeling quite exhausted and have a kink in my neck for some reason. Why am I so exhausted you may ask? It's because I was running around for something like 45 minutes putting together an awesome display for the totally ballin' Aldo Zelnick books. Check it out!

Here's Hotdogger, hot off the press! This marks the eighth installment in the series. If you were to randomly stop by the studio, you'd likely hear one of us saying, "Man, we have a lot of books."

And here's the rest of the series. It's a good looking bunch of books, am I right?

And to bring it all together I filled the other side of the table with books related to things that show up in the series. I must admit, I feel pretty proud of this display.

So that took up a good chunk of my time and energy, and now I'm gonna try and throw words together and make a blog!

I'm kind of cheating. The two things I want to talk about tonight have been talked about by a lot of other people so I'll say my bit and then just link you to all the other stuff.

I was on my daily tumble down my Facebook wall when I came across a link my mother shared. The link read "Literacy Challenge" and the message my mother attached to the link read, "FoCo Read Aloud needs your help."

I had never heard of Fort Collins Read Aloud before seeing this link. I took a minute to learn more about them and was immediately on board with their mission. FCRA is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization that is working to have 100% literacy in Larimer County.

The current project they are involved with, the Literacy Challenge, is something they hope will move them even further along the path to their goal. Here's the basic idea behind the project:

This project, the Literacy Challenge, has been developed to offset funding ($7,000 total cost) for an AmeriCorps member who will be assisting FCRA for an 11-month period. This individual will be assisting us with our daily activities in order to get closer to our vision of 100% literacy in Larimer County. An all-volunteer organization, FCRA will respond to the literacy needs in our community much more effectively with the help of an AmeriCorps member who can provide uninterrupted, daily time and talent!"

Whether a person goes on to make reading their job or just a hobby, good reading skills are important. Here are some ways you can help:

- Donate to our project or provide matching funds
- Donate an in-kind giftback
- Promote our project to your community and social networks (<--- chose="" i="" obviously="" one.="" p="" this="">
Click here for an article and video with more information about the organization and project goals.

So for those of you who don't know, John Green's fabulous book The Fault in Our Stars is being turned into a movie. I'm still not sure how I feel about this and if I will go see it when it comes out, but there is something much bigger than my own personal dilemma surrounding the TFIOS movie right now.

Actress Shailene Woodley, who will be playing Hazel Grace Lancaster, must cut her long luscious locks in order to get into character. After the deed is done, she will be donating her hair to the organization Children With Hair Loss, a place that makes wigs for kids that have lost their hair due to cancer or other causes. And they give them to the kids for free! (Admittedly, I think Shailene has already cut her hair but I'm not going back and changing my tenses now.)

Shailene's generosity sparked a movement among the Nerdfighter community (and I'm sure among others who may not identify as Nerdfighters). People from all over and of all ages cut their hair to show solidarity and to support the cause. Ah, the power of literature...and movies...and the internet.

Check out the Hair for Hazel tag on Tumblr by clicking here. It's very inspiring to see so many people take the time to do something that can make a huge difference and mean so much to another person.

Click here to go to Shailene Woodley's tumblr page and read about her feelings on this movement that has started.

If you want to be a part of this growing group of givers, click here to be taken to the Children With Hair Loss website.

All the links!

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